About the Artist

Inspired by Travels Around the World

Marla is an artist living and working in Northwest Florida while painting the people, places, ideas, activities, emotions, and feelings she has encountered in travels around the world.

Lifetime of Adventures

A graduate of Marshall University, she married, taught school, and led a military wife's life of living, working, raising children, and traveling throughout the world.  She has lived in and traveled throughout the U.S, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and Australia and New Zealand.  Her works are influenced by art from many of these areas.  

Artistic Experience

  • While living in Paris she began painting in oils.  Returning to the U.S. she continued her work in oils.  After moving to Florida, her commissioned work was primarily oils and acrylics, but her focus began to shift to watercolor and mixed media.

  • "My work comes from my life's experiences, the things that live in my heart, and are part of my soul.  My goal is to capture the "feeling" I get from my subjects, not merely to paint a "photograph" of what I see.  Often the best medium is watercolor, at other times oils or acrylics, sometimes something else.  Using the right materials and techniques to capture the right color, texture, and feel is what drives my efforts."